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3-D Shapes

You eat ice cream in a cone. You play catch with a sphere--a baseball. Look around you. There are 3-D shapes everywhere! The 3-D Shapes series explains simple geometry concepts and introduces More →

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All about Maps

In the age of GPS and navigation services, kids have less exposure to traditional maps. This series breaks down different types of maps, how to read them, and how to understand them. Built… More →

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Big Machines at Work

The huge wheels, powerful engines, and loud noises of working machines seem to entrance children for hours. Now young students can pore over color photos as they learn about their favorite… More →

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Spring '21

Blast Off to Space

Outer space is full of wonder and mystery. Is there life beyond Earth? What is a comet made of? Young readers will enjoy blasting into space to learn more about the great beyond with this… More →

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Since ancient times, people of all ages have gazed up at the stars in wonder. Long ago, people created fascinating stories about the shapes they saw in the stars. With eye-catching graphics… More →

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Continents of the World

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and our Continents of the World series lets young readers explore all sorts of exotic places! Brilliant color photographs, maps, and… More →

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Engineering that Made America

How did the Wright brothers design their first airplane? What did it take to construct San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge? This series gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at some of More →

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Everyday Earth Science

Young kids are fascinated by the world around them. Why is the sky blue? What makes a rainbow? How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? In this informative series, readers will learn the… More →

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Eye on the Sky

The world's ever-changing weather forms an important part of kids' lives. Our Eye on the Sky series offers young readers a first look at these natural phenomena through a combination of… More →

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Forces of Nature

Nature is awesome and inspiring, but it can also be powerful and fragile. Introduce the phenomena of wild weather and natural disasters to young readers with the Forces of Nature series.… More →

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Geography of the World

Geography of the World introduces students to the major geographic features of our planet. With original maps and brilliant photographs, each book answers basic questions about how each… More →

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Geology Rocks!

Did you know that scientists are using crystal shapes to design medicines? Or that the igneous rock pumice helps to make concrete lighter weight? Even though rocks and minerals can be found… More →

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