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Narrative Nonfiction

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Dangerous Jobs in Action (8 titles)
Engineering that Made America (8 titles)
Eyewitness to World War I (8 titles) NEW
Eyewitness to World War II (8 titles)
Helping Dogs (8 titles)
Immigrant Experiences (8 titles) NEW
In the Driver's Seat (8 titles)
Influential First Ladies (12 titles) NEW
Inside Look at Sports Events (6 titles)
Military Special Forces in Action (6 titles)
Natural Disaster True Survival Stories (6 titles)
On the Hunt with Animal Predators (8 titles)
Stories from the Wild Animal Kingdom (8 titles) NEW
Superstar Stories (8 titles) NEW
The Spark of Invention (8 titles)
Titanic Stories (6 titles)
True Stories, Real People (6 titles)
Wonders of Space (6 titles)