"Great books and wonderful photos!"
—Mary Ellen Wakefield/Madison Elementary, Madison Elem School

James Buckley Jr.

James Buckley, Jr., has written more than 60 sports books for young people, including more than a dozen on football, including Eyewitness Football, Eyewitness Super Bowl, and America's Greatest Game. The latter was a Library Journal Top 10 Sports Book for 1998. He has also written about baseball, hockey, soccer, the Olympics, and other sports. He was the editor of a children's magazine and was an editor and writer for Sports Illustrated and NFL Publishing. He is currently editorial director of the Shoreline Publishing Group, which is producing the new series The Child's World of the NFL.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Volume 2: 'Hail Mary' Pass to Numbers, Uniform N/A
Volume 5: Tag through Barry Zito N/A
Volume 4: Satchel Paige through Switch-Hitter N/A
Volume 3: Reggie Jackson through Outfielder N/A
Volume 2: Johnny Damon through Monte Irvin N/A
Volume 1: Hank Aaron through Cy Young Award N/A
A Day with a Zoo Veterinarian 4.5
Classic Cars 4.8
Jimmie Johnson 5.3 N/A
A Day with a Doctor 4.5
Volume 4: Super Bowl XIII to Zone Blitz N/A
Volume 3: Oakland Raiders to Super Bowl XII N/A
Life in the Pits: Twenty Seconds That Make the Difference 5.1 N/A
Volume 1: Aikman, Troy to Guard N/A
Landon Donovan 6.0
American League East 6.3 N/A
Soccer Superwomen 4.7 N/A
Soccer Superstars 4.4
AFC South 6.0 N/A
AFC North 6.1 N/A
American League East 6.3 N/A
The Starting Line: Life as a NASCAR Rookie 5.1 N/A
AFC South: The Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Tennessee Titans 6.1 N/A
AFC North: The Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers 5.7 N/A