"Child's World is ALWAYS dependable!"
—Cyndi Monroe, Walters Elem Public School

Pamela Dell

Pamela Dell has been writing for kids since the late 1980's, including work in both print and interactive multimedia. In the mid-1990's, she became one of the founders of Purple Moon, a highly acclaimed interactive game company for girls. As part of her role there, Pamela created the characters and scripts for the company's multiple-award winning Rockett CD-Rom game series. She has also produced work, both fiction and nonfiction, for clients such as Mattel, Carus Publishing, World Book Encyclopedia, Children's Press, Plan B Enterprises, Addictive Media, and the University of California, among others...subsequently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Miles Davis: Jazz Master 5.9 N/A
The Blues: Birth of an American Sound 5.9 N/A
American Quarter Horses 3.4 N/A
American Quarter Horses 3.6
Appaloosas 3.2 N/A
Appaloosas 3.8
Arabians 3.4 N/A
Arabians 3.9
Clydesdales 3.2 N/A
Clydesdales 3.4
Mustangs 3.3 N/A
Mustangs 3.4
Przewalski's Horses 3.1 N/A
Przewalski's Horses 3.4
Shetland Ponies 3.3 N/A
Shetland Ponies 3.4
Thoroughbreds 3.2 N/A
Thoroughbreds 3.7
Welcome to Mount Rainier National Park 4.8
Welcome to Yosemite National Park 4.8
A Song for Sung Li: A Story about the San Francisco Earthquake 5.5
Aquila's Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railroad 5.1
Blood in the Water: A Story of Friendship during the Mexican War 5.8
Freedom's Light: A Story about Paul Revere's Midnight Ride 5.8 N/A
Gavilan: A Story of Hollywood during the McCarthy Era 5.5
Giles and Metacom: A Story of Plimoth and the Wampanoag 4.6
Half-Breed: A Story of Two Boys during the Klondike Gold Rush 5.1
Liam's Watch: A Strange Story of the Great Chicago Fire 4.8
Shaky Bones: A Story of the Harlem Renaissance 5.4
Tag-Along Tay: A Story about Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show 5.3
The Doctor's Boy: A Story about Valley Forge during the Winter of 1777--1778 6.1 N/A
The Gold Coin: A Story of New York City's Lower East Side and Its Immigrants 5.2
Welcome to Mount Rainier National Park 4.8 N/A
Welcome to Yosemite National Park 4.8 N/A