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Bob Woods

Bob Woods, a freelance writer in Madison, Connecticut, has written books for young readers about Barry Bonds, Shaquille O'Neal, the National Football League, NASCAR history, and other sports topics. Over the past 20 years, his work has appeared in many magazines, including Sports Illustrated. Bob has also edited several magazines for young people, and has produced special magazines on both the Summer and Winter Olympics.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Earning a Ride: How to Become a NASCAR Driver 5.3 N/A
Snowboarding 6.2 N/A
Racer Girls 4.7
Shark Attack! 5.0
Massive Machines 4.9
NFC North 6.8 N/A
Want to Be a NASCAR Driver? 5.6 N/A
AFC East 6.7 N/A
NFC North: The Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions, the Green Bay Packers, and the Minnesota Vikings 6.4 N/A
Mat Hoffman 5.9
Hot Wheels: The Newest Stock Car Stars 5.2 N/A
Live from the Racetrack: NASCAR on TV 5.7 N/A
Talkin' NASCAR 5.6 N/A
Annika Sorenstam 6.7
A Day with a Pilot 4.9
Dirt Track Daredevils: The History of NASCAR 5.6 N/A
Tiger Woods 6.5
NASCAR Tech 6.4 N/A
AFC East: The Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots, and the New York Jets 6.5 N/A