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A noteworthy review of Folktales from Around the World from Children's Bookwatch on September 1, 2011

Cover: The Story of Jumping Mouse: A Native American Folktale

From a series titled ‘Folktales from Around the World’, ‘The Story of Jumping Mouse: A Native American Folktale’ retold by Amanda St. John and illustrated by Durga Yael Bernhard is the story of Little Mouse, the youngest, most curious mouse in his family, who had a good heart. Although Little Mouse is very curious, he shows respect and kindness for his brother, he listens to his elders and neighbors, and he helps everyone he can. He brings good medicine to all creatures around him. Because of his caring actions, such as sharing his eyes with the Wolf and the Bison so they could see, he is rewarded by a magic frog with more good medicine. Becoming Jumping Mouse, he obeys Frogs instructions and jumps into the sky to see what he will become, now that he is blind from giving. A miracle happens! Jumping Mouse jumps into the sky and becomes…Eagle. He can see and he can fly! This magic happened to Jumping Mouse because he was thoughtful and caring with others. ‘The Story of Jumping Mouse’ is filled with storyteller’s sayings in the tradition of the Native American tribes of the Northern Plains of North America. Vocabulary words such as ‘ikosi (that is how it is),’ ‘hese (fly),’ and ‘pitokwe, api (come in, sit down),’ are used and explained in the story. Beautifully detailed colored illustrations follow the magical transformations of Little Mouse. ‘The Story of Jumping Mouse’ is an excellent teaching tale for children age 5 and up. From an oral Native American tradition, ‘The Story of Jumping Mouse’ was first written down by a Native American man named Hyemeyohsts Storm in 1985, in order that it might be shared with children of many cultures and languages. Other recommended titles in this series by the same talented team include: ‘Coyote Rides the Sun: A Native American Folktale (9781609731380, $27.07),’ ‘The Pied Piper of Hamlin: A German Folktale (9781609731427, $27.07),’ ‘The Frog King: An African Folktale (9781609731373, $27.07),’ ‘Bouki Cuts Wood: A Haitian Folktale (9781609731359, $27.07),’ ‘Issun Boshi (One-Inch Boy): A Japanese folktale (9781609731397, $27.07),’ ‘Medio Pollito (Half-Chick): A Mexican Folktale (9781609731410, $27.07),’ and ‘Frog Went A-Traveling: A Russian Folktale (9781609731366, $27.07).’

—James Cox

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