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A noteworthy review of The Spark of Invention from Booklist on April 1, 2016

Cover: Inventing the Skateboard

In this entry in the Spark of Invention series, kids will learn that the skateboards of today are the product of many people’s efforts over time. Beginning with the crude boards of the 1920s, consisting of little more than a plank with roller skate wheels, the text moves forward to the 1960s. At this time, lifeguard and surfer Larry Stevenson started building better boards that had clay wheels and a rear tail to give skateboarders a smoother ride and more control. A final chapter highlights Frank Nansworthy’s contribution: plastic wheels. Brief, cleanly laid out chapters, photo illustrations of kids and teens rolling down sidewalks or hitting the skate park (plus one skateboard diagram), and a glossary make for a breezy introduction to the evolution of a popular sport.

—Julia Smith

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