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A noteworthy review of The United States Presidents from School Library Journal on November 1, 2020

Cover: George Washington: Our 1st President

Young readers learn about each president’s childhood, their introduction to politics, and time in office. Significant world events that occurred during the president’s tenure are highlighted in boldface to facilitate comprehension and provide historical context. Each title includes a time line, information on the branches of government and the election process, and a glossary. The role of the First Lady is discussed, featuring a page dedicated to her biography and official work. Fun anecdotes are included to humanize the presidents. For example, when Ronald Reagan worked as a lifeguard, he once rescued a set of false teeth. Above all, this series does not glorify the presidents. Their flaws and failures are mentioned as well as their successes. Andrew Jackson was known as the ’people’s president,’ but he was also a racist who terrorized Native Americans. Thomas Jefferson publicly disavowed slavery, but he enslaved Black people and directly profited from the institution of slavery. VERDICT The United States presidents get a fresh treatment in this fair and informative biography series. Readers will understand that no human is perfect, including the presidents.

—Cathy DeCampli

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
George Washington: Our 1st President
John Adams: Our 2nd President
Thomas Jefferson: Our 3rd President
James Madison: Our 4th President
James Monroe: Our 5th President
John Quincy Adams: Our 6th President
Andrew Jackson: Our 7th President
Martin Van Buren: Our 8th President
William Henry Harrison: Our 9th President
John Tyler: Our 10th President
James Polk: Our 11th President
Zachary Taylor: Our 12th President
Millard Fillmore: Our 13th President
Franklin Pierce: Our 14th President
James Buchanan: Our 15th President
Abraham Lincoln: Our 16th President
Andrew Johnson: Our 17th President
Ulysses S. Grant: Our 18th President
Rutherford B. Hayes: Our 19th President
James A. Garfield: Our 20th President
Chester A. Arthur: Our 21st President
Grover Cleveland: Our 22nd and 24th President
Benjamin Harrison: Our 23rd President
William McKinley: Our 25th President
Theodore Roosevelt: Our 26th President
William Howard Taft: Our 27th President
Woodrow Wilson: Our 28th President
Warren G. Harding: Our 29th President
Calvin Coolidge: Our 30th President
Herbert Hoover: Our 31st President
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Our 32nd President
Harry S. Truman: Our 33rd President
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Our 34th President
John F. Kennedy: Our 35th President
Lyndon Baines Johnson: Our 36th President
Richard M. Nixon: Our 37th President
Gerald R. Ford: Our 38th President
James Earl Carter: Our 39th President
Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President
George H. W. Bush: Our 41st President
William Clinton: Our 42nd President
George W. Bush: Our 43rd President
Barack Obama: Our 44th President
Donald Trump: Our 45th President 6.6

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