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From the Set Language Rules!

Wow! A book all about interjections! What is an interjection, anyway? Find out just that as you explore the ways interjections work in reading, writing, and speaking. Interjections will make your sentences more exciting--no kidding!

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  • What is an interjection?
  • Words That stand Alone
  • Wait! stop! it's a Verb!
  • Happy interjections
  • Not-so-Happy interjections
  • Ways to fill up space
  • Animal interjections
  • How to Learn More
  • Glossary
  • Index
Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 4
Reading Level Grade 2
Dewey 428.2
Lexile 510
ATOS Reading Level
Guided Reading Level
Language English
Publisher The Child's World, Inc.
Format Hosted ebook
ISBN 9781614739258
Copyright 2013
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 9.5 x 8
Graphics Full-color illustrations

A noteworthy review of Language Rules! from Library Media Connection on March 1, 2011

This impressive series tackles the usually humdrum mechanics of grammar using fun examples, silly sentences, and cute little monster artwork. Each book asks the ‘What is it?’ question, and after a brief example and definition, develops the part of speech through examples and exceptions. The parts of speech are highlighted by a rainbow of colors, making them easily distinguished from other words. Content does overlap in certain situations, such as the possessive forms of words which are found in the adjective and punctuation books. While the books don’t cover everything, they are perfect for young children. Through humor and clear and concise examples and sometimes mysterious world of grammar becomes so much easier to understand. Illustrations complement the text well, with silly characters in bright and lively colors speaking sentences using the parts of speech. Glossary. Websites. Index.

A noteworthy review of Language Rules! from School Library Journal on December 1, 2010

Heinrichs has taken her ‘The Magic of Language’ series (2004), geared to grades 3-6, and packaged it for the lower elementary grades. The books are well organized and attractive, and inject humor into what might otherwise be fairly dry subjects. The font is large and changes appropriately in terms of boldness and color to create emphasis. The brightly colored cartoon illustrations are amusing and clearly demonstrate whatever part of speech is being explored. A purple-and-green monster levitates off his chair after spotting a mouse beneath it in Interjections—‘Eeek!’—while a smiling elephant being hoisted in the air by balloons declares, ’I’m as light as a feather’ in Similes. The humor packed into the artwork will make these books attractive to browsers, not just teachers looking for material to reinforce their lesson plans. Between this series and Brian P. Cleary’s fine titles, the 400s may get some action.

A noteworthy review of Language Rules! from Booklist on October 1, 2010

Volumes in the Language Rules! series take on adverbs, conjunctions, pronouns, and more, but is there any part of speech more enjoyable than interjections? As the bratty kid brother of the language family, interjections get all the fun exclamations—Yikes! Drat! Shhh! Wham!—all words well suited to McGeehan and Moore’s gallery of horned, spiked, beaked, clawed, multi-eyed, and fabulously colored monsters, who cavort across the pages illustrating each principle. For example, Heinrichs discusses the prevalence of exclamation points, and a pink blob shouts, ‘Hey! Get that monkey off my head!’ Some interjections, writes Heinrichs, are happy (‘Golly!’ ‘Yum!’); some are unhappy (nothing harsher here than ‘Nuts!’); some just take up space ‘(’Well,’ ‘Um’); and—watch out!—some are actually verbs (‘Help!’ ‘Look!’). Particularly interesting is the idea that interjections might have been the earliest human speech—though it probably did not include, as the illustration suggests, ‘Whoopee!’ Bouncy, amusing, educational, and cleverly laid out, this is a great go-to resource to supplement dry language texts. Brief additional readings, a glossary, and an index close.

Author: Ann Heinrichs

Ann Heinrichs grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She began playing the piano at age three and thought she would grow up to be a pianist. Instead, she became a writer. She is the author of more than 200 books for children and young adults on Asian, African, and U.S. history and cultures, as well as grammar and natural history subjects. Ann has also written numerous newspaper, magazine, and encyclopedia articles. Ann has traveled to the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and now lives in Chicago, IL.

Illustrator: Dan McGeehan

Dan McGeehan has been a freelance illustrator for fifteen years. During that time his art has appeared on many magazines, in many children's books, and under a lot of scrutiny all around the world. He currently lives in Oklahoma with his wife, their two daughters, and everybody's two cats.

Illustrator: David Moore