Fall '19

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Set of 12 titles

This set of books introduces readers to well-known myths of the Greek gods and goddesses. Each book explains their importance and the myths that immortalize them. Beautiful illustrations, a family tree of the Greek gods, and a map of ancient Greece can be found in each book. Additional features to aid comprehension include a table of contents, informative sidebars, a list of Greek characters introduced in the text, a list of equivalent Roman gods and goddesses, sources for further research including websites, an index, and an introduction to the author and illustrator.

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$359.16 $251.40
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Greek Gods and Goddesses (12 titles) NEW
Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty NEW 4.9
Apollo: God of the Sun, Healing, Music, and Poetry NEW 4.8
Ares: God of War NEW 4.9
Artemis: Goddess of Hunting and Protector of Animals NEW 4.9
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Crafts NEW 4.7
Eros: God of Love NEW 5.0
Hades: God of the Underworld NEW 4.8
Hephaestus: God of Fire, Metalwork, and Building NEW 4.9
Hera: Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage NEW 4.5
Hermes: God of Travels and Trade NEW 4.8
Poseidon: God of the Sea and Earthquakes NEW 4.8
Zeus: King of the Gods, God of Sky and Storms NEW 5.2
Interest Level Grade 3 - Grade 6
Reading Level Grade 3
Dewey 398.2
Lexile 700-780
ATOS Reading Level 4.5-5.2
Guided Reading Level W
Language English
Publisher The Child's World, Inc.
Format Reinforced book, Hosted ebook
ISBN 9781503840058, 9781503840256
Copyright 2020, 2020
Number of Pages
Dimensions 8 x 9.5, 8 x 9.5
Graphics Full-color illustrations