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A Review of "Highly Guarded Places" in School Library Journal

Cover: Guarding Air Force One

Well-writlen text and a copious amount of illustrations on an attention grabbing subject make for an attractive series. Each title begins with a real-life account concerning an immense peril to U.S. citizens or property. After the hook, the text delves into where the recognizable (and highly guarded) U.S. landmark is and why it is important to our history. In addition to the brief background on each location, kids will especially hone in on the information detailing what it takes to keep these locations secure, be it underground chambers in Federal Reserve, concrete walls in CDC, or remote control gates and doors in Supermax Prisons. The writing style is light and conversational, but packed with amazing facts. For example, in Fort Knox, the author writes: ‘Want lo visit Fort Knox? Not so fast. You would not be able to get near the depository. No visitors are allowed. This is a strict rule with no exceptions. Today, even the U.S. president cannot get into Fort Knox.’ VERDICT Informative and exciting, this is a series that will not sit long on shelves.

—Jennifer Prince

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Guarding Air Force One Recent 4.5
Guarding Area 51 Recent 4.7
Guarding Fort Knox Recent 4.6
Guarding Nuclear Weapons Facilities Recent 4.8
Guarding Supermax Prisons Recent 4.6
Guarding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Recent 4.8
Guarding the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Recent 4.6
Guarding the Super Bowl Stadium Recent 4.4
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