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The United State's fastest-growing ethnic minority has increased every year since 2000, yet quality materials chronicling Hispanic culture are often lacking in today's curriculum. Like our renowned Journey to Freedom series, A Proud Heritage is a bold, intelligent initiative that brings the history and culture of Hispanic peoples to life. Students will gain a deep appreciation for Spanish-speaking peoples and nations and their many contributions to the world we know today. Additional features to aid comprehension include a table of contents, a phonetic glossary, sources for further research, suggested activities, a timeline of key events, and an index.

Individual Titles

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A Proud Heritage: The Hispanic Library (16 titles)
Christopher Columbus: Opening the Americas to European Exploration 6.0
Cinco de Mayo: A Mexican Holiday about Unity and Pride 6.1
Cuban Refugees: Cuban Roots, American Freedoms 6.5
David Farragut: First Admiral of the U.S. Navy 6.4
Diego Rivera: Painting Mexico 6.0
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado: The Search for Cities of Gold 5.8
Frida Kahlo: An Artist Celebrates Life 5.3
Hernando Cortes: Conquistador and Empire Builder 5.8
Hernando de Soto: A Life of Adventure 5.9
Mario Molina: Chemist and Nobel Prize Winner 6.8
Migrant Farmworkers: Hoping for a Better Life 6.1
Spanish Missionaries: Bringing Spanish Culture to the Americas 6.6
The Changing Face of America: Hispanic Roots, Hispanic Pride 6.2
The Conquistadores: Building a Spanish Empire in the Americas 5.9
The Mexican War: How the United States Gained Its Western Lands 5.9
Vicente Fox: The Road to the Mexican Presidency 5.6
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  • Suggested Interest Level: Grade 3 - Grade 6
  • Suggested Reading Level: Grade 5

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