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Which person is happy? What object is biggest? Which shapeis the circle? Engage readers in key early learning concepts, such as emotions, sizes, and shapes with this exciting, interactive series. Simple text and vividphotographs give readers the opportunity to practice their visual literacy skills byanswering these and otherquestions. Readers will enjoy the challenge of answering the questions and the feeling of accomplishment as they learn each concept. These books are a must-have for ELL students and kids with special needs. Each book includes a phonetic glossary and a question-and-answer section.

Individual Titles

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Concept Fun (8 titles)
What Comes First?: A Book about Sequences 1.2
What Goes Together?: A Book about Opposites 1.1
What Is Biggest?: A Book about Sizes 1.2
What Is on Top?: A Book about Positions 1.2
Which Is the Circle?: A Book about Shapes 1.0
Which One Is Not Like the Others?: A Book about Differences 0.9
Who Is Happy?: A Book about Emotions 1.2
Who Is Wearing Blue?: A Book about Colors 1.2
  • New! Fall 2017
  • New! Spring 2017



  • Graphics: Full-color photographs
  • Reinforced book (9781503813144): 8 x 8, © 2017
  • Hosted ebook (9781503815988): 8 x 8, © 2017
  • Subject: Language Arts
  • Series: Concept Fun


  • Suggested Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 2
  • Suggested Reading Level: Grade 1

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