Fall 2016

Highly Guarded Places

Cover: Highly Guarded Places Spread: Highly Guarded Places
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How does New York's Federal Reserve Bank protect its several thousand tons of gold? How tight is the security at the Super Bowl? What's behind the gates at Area 51? This series takes readers on a tour inside some of the most secretive, secure places in the world.Anecdotes, diagrams, and behind-the-scenes photos help illustrate the hiddenworkings and extreme measures taken to ensure the secrets and treasures ofthese highly guarded places stay safe. Each book includes sidebars that provide additional information to illustrate key concepts related to the topic and a phonetic glossary.

Individual Titles

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Highly Guarded Places (8 titles) Fall 2016
Guarding Air Force One Fall 2016 4.5
Guarding Area 51 Fall 2016 4.7
Guarding Fort Knox Fall 2016 4.6
Guarding Nuclear Weapons Facilities Fall 2016 4.8
Guarding Supermax Prisons Fall 2016 4.6
Guarding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fall 2016 4.8
Guarding the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Fall 2016 4.6
Guarding the Super Bowl Stadium Fall 2016 4.4
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  • Graphics: Full-color photographs
  • Reinforced book (9781503813106): 8 x 9.5, © 2017
  • Hosted ebook (9781503815940): 8 x 9.5, © 2017
  • Subject: High Interest
  • Series: Highly Guarded Places


  • Suggested Interest Level: Grade 2 - Grade 5
  • Suggested Reading Level: Grade 4

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