"Keep up the good and excellent work!"
—Barbie Kenvin, Hazleton Area Public Library

K. C. Kelley

K. C. Kelley has written dozens of books for young readers on everything from sports to nature to history. He lives with his family in Santa Barbara, California.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
AFC East 4.6
AFC West 4.5
BASE Jumping 4.8 N/A
Bungee Jumping 4.3 N/A
Freestyle Skiing 4.6 N/A
Gliding 5.0 N/A
Hang Gliding 4.7 N/A
Stand-up Paddleboarding 4.6 N/A
Surfing 4.4 N/A
Ultralight Aircraft 4.6 N/A
Atlanta Braves 4.0 N/A
Atlanta Braves 4.2
Boston Red Sox 3.8 N/A
Boston Red Sox 4.1
Chicago Cubs 3.8 N/A
Chicago Cubs 4.0
Los Angeles Dodgers 3.8 N/A
Minnesota Twins 3.8 N/A
New York Yankees 4.0 N/A
New York Yankees 4.1
Philadelphia Phillies 4.0 N/A
Philadelphia Phillies 4.1
St. Louis Cardinals 3.7 N/A
St. Louis Cardinals 3.9
Boston Celtics 3.7 N/A
Boston Celtics 3.9
Los Angeles Lakers 3.8 N/A
Los Angeles Lakers 4.0
Miami Heat 3.7 N/A
Miami Heat 3.8
New York Knicks 3.8 N/A
New York Knicks 3.9
San Antonio Spurs 3.7 N/A
San Antonio Spurs 3.8
Chicago Bears 3.6 N/A
Dallas Cowboys 3.6 N/A
Green Bay Packers 3.5 N/A
Indianapolis Colts 3.7 N/A
New England Patriots 3.6 N/A
New York Giants 3.6 N/A
Oakland Raiders 3.6 N/A
Pittsburgh Steelers 3.6 N/A
Anaheim Ducks 4.0 N/A
Boston Bruins 4.0 N/A
AFC East 6.4 N/A
AFC West 6.4 N/A
NFC East 6.8 N/A
NFC North 6.6 N/A
NFC South 6.5 N/A
NFC West 6.4 N/A
Baltimore Orioles NEW Pending
Boston Red Sox NEW Pending
New York Yankees NEW Pending
Tampa Bay Rays NEW Pending
Toronto Blue Jays NEW Pending
Chicago White Sox NEW Pending
Cleveland Indians NEW Pending
Detroit Tigers NEW Pending
Kansas City Royals NEW Pending
Minnesota Twins NEW Pending
Atlanta Braves NEW Pending
Miami Marlins NEW Pending
New York Mets NEW Pending
Philadelphia Phillies NEW Pending
Washington Nationals NEW Pending
Chicago Cubs NEW Pending
Cincinnati Reds NEW Pending
Milwaukee Brewers NEW Pending
Pittsburgh Pirates NEW Pending
St. Louis Cardinals NEW Pending
Deadly Dinos 4.8
Fashion Design Secrets 5.3
Secrets of the Dolphins 4.1 N/A
Skateboard Stars 5.1
Surf's Up! 5.0
Pit Stop Secrets 5.2 N/A
Top 10 African American Athletes NEW 4.7
Top 10 Home Run Hitters NEW 4.6
Top 10 Power Pitchers NEW 4.3
Top 10 Quarterbacks NEW 4.2
Top 10 Soccer Superstars NEW 4.8
January 4.4
February 4.2
March 4.2
April 4.0
May 3.9
June 4.1
July 4.1
August 4.2
September 4.2
October 4.5
November 4.5
December 4.6
Weird Races 3.5
Weird Sports Moments 4.1
Weird Water Sports 3.9