"Great titles to choose from!"
—Kay Stine, Huntington City - Twp Public Library

Maddie Spalding

Maddie Spalding is an enthusiastic writer and reader. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her favorite part of writing is learning about new and interesting subjects.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Animal Life Cycle 3.9
The Water Cycle 3.9
A Trip to the Beach
Animals in Summer
Celebrating the Fourth of July
Growing a Pizza Garden
It's Father's Day!
Plants in Summer
Summer Solstice
Weather in Summer
Dimes 2.8
Fifty-Cent Pieces 3.2
Five-Dollar Bills 3.7
Nickels 2.8
One Hundred-Dollar Bills 3.5
One-Dollar Bills 3.3
Pennies 2.9
Quarters 3.1
Silver Dollars 3.2
Ten-Dollar Bills 3.5
Twenty-Dollar Bills 3.6
Two-Dollar Bills 3.4
Guarding Supermax Prisons 4.6
Guarding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 4.8
How the Executive Branch Works 4.8
How the Legislative Branch Works 4.7