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Cover: Family and Friends

A Review of "Talking Hands" in School Library Journal

Attractively designed, brief introductions to sign language. Each title lists a different sign, related to the topic at hand (Work covers ‘Cook,’ ‘Cashier,’ and ‘Pilot,’ for instance), and includes a large, clear photograph and quick description of the job, and an illustration and textual… View →

Cover: Easter Bunnies

A Review of "Our Holiday Symbols" in Children's Bookwatch

From the series titled Our Holiday Symbols for children age 6 and up, ‘Easter Bunnies’ presents pages of fascinating facts about the fun and fables associated with Easter, the spring holiday festival that celebrates the beginning of another growing season and year. Simple narrative style… View →

Cover: The Muscular System

A Review of "The Human Body" in Booklist

Muscular tissue makes up 30 to 50 percent of a human’s weight and is responsible for the most basic of vital functions. This book begins with a narrative of a young boy, Jeremy, lifting a cinder block to impress his older brother. Each tinge of exertion and effort that Jeremy feels, from… View →

Cover: Brains vs. Brawn

A Review of "Jess and Jaylen" in Booklist

Lifelong best pals and diametrical opposites Jess and Jaylen are the main characters in this sweet series entry about friendship and compromise. Each wants their best friend to try their own respective favorite activity during summer rec league. For bookish Jaylen, this means trying to… View →

Cover: Ocean Habitats

A Review of "Habitats" in Library Media Connection

Readers learn about different habitats in chapters with manageable amounts of information. The information is succinct and flows well from one topic to the next. There are smaller boxes dispersed throughout the text, which contain quick bits of additional information on the habitats being… View →

Cover: Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

A Review of "Service Dogs" in School Library Journal

This collection covers the basics of working dogs, including history of these types of jobs, the ideal breeds and temperaments for the work, the training involved, and how children behave when meeting these dogs. Other than Guide Dogs, the books conclude with a specific example of a… View →

Cover: True Stories of Animal Antics

A Review of "True Animal Stories" in School Library Journal

Each of these title includes nine narratives about unusual animal events. The lesser-known stories, such as a bike-riding dog (Animal Tricks and Talents) and a water-squirting octopus (Animal Antics), are mixed with more widely known tales, such as the friendship between a Owen, a hippo… View →

Cover: Claude Monet

A Review of "The World's Greatest Artists" in School Library Journal

This series offers an ideal blend of excellent writing and strong historical and technical information about the materials and methods of art. It is unfortunate that there is only one woman artist featured here (Mary Cassatt), but the selection is rich in other ways. Each page includes… View →

Cover: Biking

A Review of "The Great Outdoors" in School Library Journal

These appealing books feature an uncluttered design, which highlights the short, easy-to-read text. Words with definitions are set apart by different-colored font; color photos often supplement descriptions of equipment or animals. In Canoeing, a sidebar notes that many animals live in… View →

Cover: Fishing

A Review of "The Great Outdoors" in Booklist

The Great Outdoors series does a solid job of introducing and explaining various outdoor activities, including the equipment required for a satisfying experience. Each activity gets the most positive spin; if there are controversies around a particular sport, like hunting, they are not… View →

Cover: True Stories of Animal Friends

A Review of "True Animal Stories" in Booklist

Lions and tigers and bears . . . together? Everyone loves a story about unlikely friends, and this volume in the True Animal Stories series covers, among other things, a heartwarming partnership between a cheetah and a dog (Sahara and Alex, to be exact); a gorilla who adopted a rabbit; and… View →

Cover: The Smart Kid's Guide to Losing a Pet

A Review of "The Smart Kid's Guide to Everyday Life" in Booklist

In what might be the most poignant entry in the Smart Kid’s Guide to Everyday Life series, Petersen takes on the unavoidable—and unavoidably sad—topic of pet death. Beginning with a history lesson (humans befriended wolves about 32,000 years ago), she goes on to explain that, though your… View →